Drip Coffee Pour

A little bit about coffee

Coffee is a delicate, exotic and specialist product. Coffee comes from a genus of plants known as Coffea, with two important coffee species - Arabica & Robusta. All commercially grown coffee is from is from a region of the world called the Coffee Belt, where the plants flourish in rich soil, with mild temperatures, frequent rain and shaded sun. Coffee plants and their fruit are sensitive to minute changes in temperature and humidity, making the production of coffee, from growing & harvesting to roasting & brewing, an art form.

Coffee has never been better than it is today. We know more than ever about growing and the techniques that go into roasting and brewing allowing us to enjoy the perfect brew. 

Here at Bishops Coffee our passion is to source the best coffee and to ensure that we treat, prepare and serve it as well possible. We want to get the very best out of every bean.

Ground Coffee

The Three Stages of Coffee explained...

Stage 1: the invention of instant coffee at the beginning of the century, allowing coffee to be readily available at home
Stage 2: mass produced coffee served in corporate coffeeshop chains made coffee a shared social experience
Stage 3: specialty coffee happens when all involved in the coffee chain work in together, creating a focus on standards and excellence from start to finish


The Coffee Journey

From seed to cup

The Farmer

It starts with the producer whose family likely has spent generations perfecting their approach to farming the highest quality coffee possible. Grown in regions with specific climates and altitudes and farmed sustainably. All speciality coffee beans are traceable so customers know exactly where and what farm their coffee has come from

The Green Coffee Buyer

The coffee buyer will usually be certified by the SCA as a Certified Coffee Taster or the Coffee Quality Institute CQI as a licensed Q Grader. Buyers identify coffee quality and determine whether it is specialty grade quality.

The Roaster

Coffee roasting is an art that requires a high degree of knowledge and experience to produce specialty level roast profiles. Beans are roasted lightly using temperature and time to bring out all of the flavours.

The Barista

Once the specialty coffee beans reach the retail environment they are prepared by an experienced barista who uses a fine balance between coffee, water, timings and pressure to extract the full flavour of the coffee. The barista ensures each bean reaches its full brewed promise

The Consumer

Finally the consumer completes the cycle of the specialty coffee bean. It's you, the consumer, who finally enjoys all the work that has gone into the coffee bean journey. By buying your speciality cup of coffee you demonstrate not only commitment to a higher standard of quality, taste and flavour but also a commitment to a higher standard of living for every person who contributed along the way


A little bit about us

Founded in the summer of 2020 by Lee Bishop, Bishops Coffee was born simply from a lifelong love of excellent coffee. 
Bishops Coffee is proudly independent, allowing us to work alongside roasters who source the very best beans from around the world. 
As trained chef, great tasting food is always at the top of the menu for Lee and Bishops Coffee proudly prepares great tasting ‘grab & go’ food for customers to enjoy. The menu is ever-evolvinng and uses locally grown and supplied ingredients.